CIVIS universities aim to attract researchers to apply for Marie-Sklodowska Curie Fellowships (MSCA-PF) within the CIVIS network.

To support this, CIVIS has a database through which potential fellowship candidates can easily identify suitable supervisors.  You can register on the database as a potential supervisor; the database is accessible to potential MSCA-PF candidates from across CIVIS and possibly beyond. 

Would you like to host a top post-doc researcher with MSCA funding?

If you are keen to host a MSCA post-doctoral fellow, sign up to the database by completing this online form: MSCA Supervisors (

When registering you will choose your panel and field(s) of expertise, we suggest a maximum of five fields to guarantee the interest of the most fitting candidates. You will provide your e-mail address, at which you may be contacted by interested candidates who will submit to you their CV and project idea. We strongly recommend using your institutional address, as this is already public. You will always of course be free to accept or reject the candidate’s proposal to work with you on an MSCA-PF proposal.

CIVIS will provide all the necessary support for the preparation and submission of the proposal, including coaching of all the applicants and support for submission.  

You can find here the link to the data base

Contact us at the local Grant Office : or