The 10th International Pediatric Renal Tumour Biology Conference will take place in Marseille, France from September 23-25, 2020.

This conference will host experts in the field of translational research of pediatric renal tumours (Wilms tumor and Non-Wilms), unraveling recent knowledge on tumourigenesis, biomarkers, tumour models, new drug development.

Scientific Committee:

  • Manfred Gessler, chair, Wurzburg, Germany
  • Conrad Fernandez, Hallifax, Canada
  • James Geller, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
  • Vicky Huff, Houston, Texas, USA
  • Elizabeth Mullen, Boston, MA, USA
  • Daniela Perotti, Milano, Italy
  • Sam Behjati, London, UK
  • Jesper Brok, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Jarno Drost, Utrecht, Netherlands

Local Organizing Committee:

Look out for further practical information to be published soon.

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