The Mitogen Activated Protein Kinase (MAPK) pathway is among the most frequently mutated signalling cascade in human cancers. A multitude of small molecule inhibitors has been developed, allowing inhibited of upstream and downstream effectors of this pathway. Nevertheless, resistance is still a major issue. This conference will focus on basic and clinical aspects of the regulation of signaling through the MAPK pathway and its impact in cancer. A deep understanding of the mechanisms of intrinsic and adaptive resistance is essential for the more efficient agents. As the MAPK pathway also has implications for cross-resistance to immune checkpoint blockers, so targets and alternative combination therapies will also be discussed at the conference.

Virtual Event, Worldwide : 21 – 22 February 2023

Those in academia and industry that are interested in the role of the MAPK pathway in the context of genetically targeted and immune-based anticancer therapies. The meeting will have a focus on both the mechanistic aspects of gene regulation, target validation and drug development, and emerging clinical and translational opportunities. 

Topics to be covered
  • Regulation of MAPK signaling
  • Drug resistance mechanisms
  • Rational combination therapies
  • Cross-resistance to immune modulators

Abstract submission deadline:
05 December 2022

Registration deadline:
23 January 2023

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