After recent advances in the field of molecular biology and genetics accompanied by the breathtaking progress in multi-omic strategies, have led to the development of Systems Biology in the last 5 years. Holistic approaches enable a refined approach to study the dynamic interactions between the components of the nucleus, the cell and its environment, ultimately leading to understanding the biological networks and the properties of biological systems. Recent advances, such as reaching the unprecedented resolution of individual cells combined with the use of new systems biology approaches, allow to address long standing questions, especially in the fields of disease and development.

Thus, this EMBO Workshop will bring together world-class experts and young scientists in the fields of Systems Biology, Chromatin and Epigenetics for four full days to discuss their exciting recent findings as well as the future directions of these fields. The topics of the EMBO Workshop are sufficiently covered by the outstanding speakers. This EMBO Workshop has a unique focus and will allow all participants to receive a coherent, updated and original view of how the interplay of Systems Biology, Chromatin and Epigenetics will advance our understanding of development and disease, important areas that hold the keys for future therapeutic approaches.

Registration Deadline: 14 March 2023

Abstract Submission Deadline: 14 March 2023

Chosen participants will be notified by 17 March 2023

Payment Deadline: 25 March 2023

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