MAP is the leading global meeting dedicated to understanding molecular developments that can help in making cancer treatment more personalised. It will takes place on 7-9 October 2021.

This year’s congress will once again be brought to you in virtual format and offered to all registrants for free.

The Congress is the place to hear high profile researchers, from large laboratories, presenting their new data and multidisciplinary teams sharing their achievements.

MAP 2021 Virtual, will be at the interface between basic science and clinical application, covering many tumour types, molecular targets used for their treatment, trying to understand and reveal the mechanisms behind response and resistance by looking at epigenetics, tumours evolution, and at the role of certain genes or proteins, such as KRAS.

This is a must-attend meeting for every cancer researcher, basic, translational or clinical, willing to investigate cancer complexity and understand more about the mechanisms behind it.

The MAP Congress is the result of a solid partnership among Cancer Research UK (CRUK), the European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO) and Unicancer, all committed to offering the best care to people with cancer worldwide, through oncology education and research.

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