Technologies dedicated to profiling of single cells have evolved rapidly and they are now widely available in research laboratories. Data analysis methods and software specifically designed to account for these types of data are required, and we have observed an explosion of new methods the fields of single cell OMICS bioinformatics and biostatistics. This workshop aims to foster discussion among biostatistics/bioinformatics groups interested in single cell OMICS data analysis, around an overview of recent developments.

IMPORTANT: the number of places is limited to 50 participants. Please motivate your interest in single-cell OMICs data analysis (experience, available or expected data, etc), either in your personal account after registration or in an email to Your final registration will be confirmed after review. We thank you for your understanding.

Call for abstracts (short communications):
This year, the workshop will focus on analysis of scRNA-seq datasets, with an emphasis on identification of cell types and multi-OMICs analysis. We are seeking presentations in the following areas:

1. Identification of new cell types, and phenotyping of single cells
2. Multi-scale, multi-OMICs analysis
3. Software scalability and infrastructure for large single cell datasets
4. Presentation of new analysis methods or software. Topics of interest include comparison of sample with/without treatment, CITE-seq, cell hashing, clustering methods, feature selection, CNV analysis at the single cell level,…

Abstracts can be submitted at:
Registration is free, but mandatory.

Organizing committee: Agnes Paquet, Pascal Barbry, Carole Baron, Delphine Sondaz, Ariane Leroy.