Maximising the value of your preclinical assets to find a breakthrough therapy for patients.

Aim: looking for partnering opportunities on new assets (e.g. new chemical entities, biologics and advanced therapies) at advanced Research or preclinical Development stage.

The proposed asset should demonstrate a scientific rationale and therapeutic potential for treating dermatological conditions.

  • Collaboration framework
  • Submitted proposals may be eligible for
    • An advanced Research or preclinicalDevelopmentcollaborationo
    • Further asset characterisation by Almirall in a pre-agreed panel of relevant cellular assays and in vivo models of dermatological diseases
  • You will retain ownership of any intellectual property you may bring or develop
  • An Almiralldesignated contact person will help you on answering your questions
  • The potential to establish a long term business partnershipdepending on asset’s development phase.

Collaboration process

  • Proposal submission
    • The first step is for you to create an account in AlmirallShare Innovation platform which is a secure site to store and manage your proposals
    • The submission period is from July 22nd, 2020 to October 31st, 2020
    • Please include an outline of your proposal (max.300words) and a description of the type of asset, its pharmacological, pharmacokinetic and safety profile, as well as its current development stage (max 3 pages)
    • All the initial information provided under the proposal should be non-confidential.In case you would like to share information under a non-disclosure agreement, please contact us at
  • Submissions will be handled following all applicable local compliance rules
  • Proposal evaluation and selection
    • A team of Almirall scientific experts will evaluate your proposal as soon as it is received
    • You will receive in writing Almirall’s decision regarding your proposal within 8 -10 weeks after submission
    • If your proposal has been selected, a member of the AlmirallShareTeam will contact you to initiate a partnership agreement that will reflect a collaborative proposal, including eventual experimental activities, and/ora business proposal according to current asset’s development phase

Deadline: October 31st, 2020

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