The Fondation ARC Léopold Griffuel Award is the most important prize in the field of cancer research in Europe.

Through two prestigious awards of €150,000 each, the Fondation ARC rewards researchers whose work has led to a major contributions in basic research and in translational & clinical research in oncology.

Each applicant must still be active in research at the time of the Call and must commit himself/herself to use the Award to pursue his/her scientific works.

The application file must be submitted before October 3rd, 2022, 3:00 PM (GMT + 1).

The application has to be completed in English and must contain the following items:

  • Candidate(s) should mention the prize category in which they apply: Basic Research Award or Translational and Clinical Award
  • The name and address of the research team’s home organization designated to receive the dedicated funds
  • CV of each candidate (6000 characters)
  • A list of scientific awards already received by the candidate(s)
  • A summary of major achievements (3000 characters)
  • List of 5 key words by order of relevance to the scientific work conducted
  • List of up to 20 publications of the candidate(s) related to the research on which the nomination is based, with the reference of the 3 most significant publications
  • Joint letters of recommendation signed by two internationally renowned scientists from different institutes (with a maximum of 5 sponsors)

Duly-completed applications must be submitted online and must respect the deadline indicated at the onset of the application procedure:  

For further information:

Download Rules & Regulations