This call topic will contribute to Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan activities and other relevant initiatives such as the European Cancer Information System153. For this reason, proposals must focus on one or more phases of the cycle of the disease, starting from prevention and early diagnosis to treatment and quality of life of patients and survivors.

Expected Outcome: This topic aims at supporting activities that are enabling or contributing to one or several expected impacts of destination 4 “Ensuring access to innovative, sustainable and high-quality health care”. To that end, proposals under this topic should aim for delivering results that are directed at, tailoredtowards and contributing to some of the following expected outcomes:

  • Health care organisations and policymakers adopt robust and transparent modelling (including data collection, storage and analysis), planning algorithms and artificial intelligence (AI) solutions in support of health care decision-making processes;
  • Health care providers, caregivers (formal and informal), citizens, and other relevant stakeholders take better informed decisions about their health or the health of persons they are responsible for and/or about the organisation of the health care service or system they are involved in or in charge of;
  • Health system owners are provided with evidence-based participative decision-making processes that take into consideration all relevant values, needs and perspectives, enabling to deliver health care services to patients in the most suitable and efficient manner;
  • Policymakers access evidence-based, interoperable decision support tools for public health policy-making and health care delivery.

Deadline date: 21 September 2021 17:00:00 Brussels time

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