The overall objective of this topic is to accelerate research and innovation under this mission area through better access, management, interoperability and reuse of digital information, to be achieved by using and integrating EOSC resources ranging from EOSC federated infrastructures, services and data to guidelines, best practices, tools and metrics for the management of FAIR and open data. This should be achieved through cross-domain, strategic use cases of direct relevance to the mission areas and the European Partnerships supporting this mission area on cancer.

Expected Outcome: Project resultsare expected to contribute to all the following expected outcomes:

  • researchers, healthcare professionals, cancer patients and survivors contributing to cancer research regularly interact with EOSC to store, share, access, analyse and process research dataand other research digital objects from their own discipline, across disciplines and national borders;
  • open and FAIR data are the new norm for research conducted under this mission area;
  • EU-wide sharing of research data relevant to this area is shown to be a critical mechanism to facilitate cancer research across Member States and Associated Countries;
  • contribute to guaranteeing safety of patients’ data while at the same time contributing to research advancement. Engaging with patients/survivors in the sharing, access and use of data;
  • EOSC grows into a trusted research and innovation data space and service platform in Europe that supports the interdisciplinary community involved in this mission area;
  • contribute to the Horizon Europe EOSC Partnership and other relevant partnerships related to cancer research.

Deadline date: 23 September 2021 17:00:00 Brussels time

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