TRANSCAN-3 preannounces the launch of its second call for proposals (JTC 2022) on the topic of: « Novel translational approaches to tackle the challenges of hard-to-treat cancers from early diagnosis to therapy »

The TRANSCAN-3 JTC 2022 will be implemented through a two-stage submission procedure: pre-proposals and full proposals.

Proposals must be centred on one or more of the hard-to-treat-cancers (HTTC) subtypes characterized by very poor prognosis (5-year survival rate<25%) and for which survival has not improved significantly over the last decades, namely glioblastoma, oesophageal, pancreatic, gallbladder, liver, and lung/pleural cancers.

Current difficulties include the inadequacy of standard diagnostic tools or established early detection methods in the general population, but also the inefficacy of available treatment options, due to intrinsic resistance and/or ineffective drug delivery. In the context of translational cancer research, this call for proposals comprises three specific aims. Proposals will have to cover at least one of the undermentioned aims or sub-aims :

Aim 1: Identification/validation of novel early diagnostic approaches
Aim 2: Identification/validation of novel therapeutic approaches
Aim 3: Development of novel drug delivery strategies

Submission deadline for pre-proposals : 18 July 2022

Download PDF version of the pre-announcement.

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