This program aims at supporting innovation within the SIGNALIFE community for projects with high emerging potential in order to launch Startup companies.

It is open to projects involving the development of technological and scientific assets linked to research on cell signaling in biology, carried out by or in collaboration with SIGNALIFE Labex teams (IDEX partners), and whose planned development includes the creation of a startup company. A YEP project must integrate one of the biology institutes of the SIGNALIFE Labex (C3M, iBV, IPMC, IRCAN, ISA), possibly in collaboration with INRIA, and must have obtained the agreement of its Unit Director (DU).

The projects submitted must present both:

  • A strong scientific and technological basis, having already been evaluated to assess the potential for development, and
  • A plan to form a startup company.

Eligible projects will also be backed by one or more of the various support systems for the creation of innovative businesses (Start-up DeepTech IDEX, BPI France, Incubateur PACA-EST, INRIA Start-up Studio, CNRS Rise, INRAE Transfert, etc.).

Expected deliverables will therefore be results or products able to exert a leverage effect, allowing the business project to develop, to reach milestones in technological development, to add value to existing technological assets, to facilitate entry on the market or to build the entrepreneurial team.

  • The maximum duration of the funded YEP projects is 30 months.
  • The resources allocated include a full-time position for the recruitment of an assistant engineer for the entire duration of the project and an amount of €27k/year for running costs.
  • A total of five YEP projects will be funded by this program.

2 meetings/year scheduled in June and November

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